Madge and Mic Eaton - Founders of The Chocolate Run.

Where We Began

On Christmas Eve 1972, Mic Eaton from Oakwood, Harlow had the idea to help the homeless over Christmas. He managed to borrow a mini bus from Oakwood Chapel, and gain the assistance of a few of the young locals. With his wife Madge making endless loaves of sandwiches, consisting of fish paste and margarine, he then spent Christmas Day borrowing flasks from other locals and running the sandwiches and packets of hot chocolate (hence the name The Chocolate Run) up to the homeless of Charing Cross Embankment. At the drop off there would be crowds of homeless gathered around to see what Mic had brought. The drop off was so successful that Mic decided to go the next week too, and the next and so on, for 20 years!


Each week people from the local area would bring round sacks of clothes to donate, with Mic and Madge spending Friday’s with their house full, sorting the clothes and making food and drink ready for the next run.


On the route from Oakwood to Charing Cross Embankment, Mic would also pick up anyone who was thumbing for a lift, often bringing guests back to the house for somewhere to sleep.


Sadly, Madge passed away in 2003, with Mic also passing in 2009, although thankfully their legacy lives on.